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Mobile Fire Pump

Fire Service Repair is equipped to keep your truck in top condition for any emergency. Our service includes follow-up, recommendations, parts, and repair of the pump.

We carry sufficient parts on board to perform most onsite repairs after testing. We make a supreme effort to NOT leave you Out Of Service, or without a contingency plan. Contact Fire Service Repair and have our qualified technicians perform the following services:

NFPA 1911 Compliant Pump Testing
  • Testing of all controls
  • Master drain operation
  • Throttle operation
  • Battery condition
  • Emergency lights
  • Pressure and flow testing
  • Pressure relief controls test
  • Tank to pump flow check
  • Dry vacuum test
  • Pressure gauge checks
  • Repair as needed
  • Written report
Mileage: Mileage will be charged port to port, with discounts given to neighboring departments testing jointly at one site.

Lodging: Depends on available rates at time of service, if applicable. A portion of our fleet is equipped with sleeping accommodations.

Travel time: N/C for pump testing.

Additional Savings: 10 or more apparatus being tested at one site.
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